Prosforio tower area



Byzantine walk in Ouranoupolis

Prosforiou tower is the starting point for this route. You see the “kolligadiko” and the “chalkadio” of the 1903 (beside the building of the Community) next, that has elements of 17th-18th century folk architecture. These housed the seasonal farmers of the dependency and the builders. There was only one well known in the dependency of Prosforio, for the exploitation of which, four independent technical projects took place between 18th-19th century and which you will see next: Walking on the seaside road of Ouranoupoli towards Zygou monastery, you take a 1,3km left detour from the tower of Prosforiou (the hotel “Sketes” is located there) to find the cistern, the faucet with the watering can, bearing the letter “V” for the Vatopedi monastery, and the water bridge, one construction where the built water pipeline transferred the water to the faucet.

Next you take a right turn on the dirt road, and immediately a left on a small path through an oil grove. Taking 75 steps on the forested path, you reach the water supply where a built, short, 35m gallery is located. Returning to the main road you continue to the Zygou monastery.