Small dictionary

  • Pyrite: Pyrite consists of iron and sulfur. Pyrite crystals are glossy and gold colored. That’s why they are known as “fools’ gold”.
  • Statue: Stratoni is Stratoniki reported only by Ptolemy. A piece of a marble votive relief dated probably in the early Roman times was found in a private cultivation. It is about a frontally standing female figure dressed in a long robe, who holds a cornucopia and a garment on her left hand. She may represent Isida-Luck.
  • Madem Lakkos: It is the place where the wealth of the land came from and was initially populated by few residents who later left for Stratoni. Later on, the offices and the services of the company were built there so the place of production became the center of the whole company.
  • Earthquake: In September 1932, the village suffered a great disaster. A powerful earthquake leveled Stratoni and Ierissos. It was the famous crack of Ierissos. Miners were working during the event. It took place at 21:00. It was so powerful that it was difficult for anyone to stand. The shift ended at 22:00. Miners inside the galleries didn’t feel a thing. When they came out, they saw nobody. Nothing seemed as it used to be. Almost every house was destroyed. “Sarafianos lost 4 kids, and so did Pantazis”, taken from the book Despoina of Stratoni. There were 41 deaths in Stratoni alone.
  • Skouries (Rusts): Illustration of the new mine in Skouries position. A world class copper-gold-bearing porphyry deposit exists there. It is estimated to be 150 million tons with contents of gold and copper. A combination of surface and underground extraction with a ratio of 1 to 2 will take place for the best exploitation. The surface exploitation depth, determined by the minimization of deposited enrichment waste to the surface, is planned to be 240 meters. The rest will be extracted with an underground method.