Xolomontas mountain



Mount Cholomondas

Cholomondas is the second in height (after Athos) mountain of Halkidiki and is situated in the eastern and central part of the prefecture. It stretches from Polygyros to Arnaia in a southwestern-northeastern axis and its maximum altitude is 1.165m at the homonym peak. Ptouni (909m), Stavrou Toumba (938m), Liarigkova (821m) above Arnaia and Kastri (748m) are some of the other peaks of the mountain. It is connected to the mountain Choritatis in the northwest, whereas its southeastern extension is the mountain Stratoniko that stretches in the northeastern Chalkidiki.

A large part of the mountain has been included in the Network of protected areas Natura 2000. Regarding the flora, it is covered with oak trees and with a smaller percentage of beeches, bushes, arbutus etc. More than 30% of the forested area has been reforested with pines and spruces. The above are objects of exploitation with important income for the local society.

The fauna is also rich. Someone can see a deer, the wild boar, the hare, the wolf, the fox marten, the badger, the weasel to, etc. The area is characterized as important for the avifauna, since raptors such as the Honey Buzzard, the vulture, the short-toed eagle, the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon and the eagle owl, breed here. The black stork might also breed here. Beside raptors, the area has several migratory species (thrushes, pigeons) and several endemics such as the partridge, the blackbird and some species of woodpeckers.


The mountain is ideal for both alternative tourism activities and environmental education. There are several old paths that have been signposted and some new, designated hiking trails.